Racing at Altitude

Since arriving in boulder, I haven't been able to do any quality training due to the taxing altitude environment.

I tried to have a hit out before the boulder peak triathlon by competing in the local aquathon, which hosted over 300 people. After finishing this race, I knew I was in trouble for the Boulder Peak Triathlon in the coming weekend.

I rested up with the same preparation as I would normally do in any other Olympic Distance event but racing the peak proved to be more of a challenge than I first expected. From the word go I went into oxygen depth, which means in altitude that your race is over...

I struggled through the event, with one of the worst racers of my career. Weather I choose to compete again at altitude is the decision that I will have to make leading into the 5430 Half.

I'm prefer racing at sea level as I am finding it very difficult to compete and train at a quality level in an altitude environment.

P.S The good news is that I'm starting to get on top of my injuries so hopefully I can increase my running base again over the next few weeks.

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