back to boulder

ok, I arrived back in boulder Colorado. Its quite refreshing to be back here again for another summer .
been living out of a suit case traveling from one place to another. So it's very refreshing to base myself for another summer season in the US.
arriving in boulder was perfect timming weather wise, I arrived in with clear skys and hot summer weather (couldnt be better)
this week I will have to ease off the typical training resume , with the whole process of acclimatising to the alltitude to go over again. And was unlucky enough to arrive with my first cold of the year ,so all in all I will be cruising around and taking in the sites of the town on boulder.
will start to build the training up for my approach of my upcomming 70.3 ironmans ahead.
just chilling

Saint Croix run down

Well arriving in the virgin islands was abit of a treat for me, as when you arrive you think you more on a holiday than here for a half ironman.
Racing the 70.3 half ironman, you soon realised that you wern't on no holiday anymore your here to race.
Racing with another world class field, soon realised i had my work cut out for me again.
The day produced all types of weather rain, heat, humidity and wind but unlucky enough to have no wind for the run.
As the swim finished and the ride starting, i thought i was racing the world champs with names like Lessing, Alexander, Cunnigham, Rhodes and Faris-Al Sultan surrounding me the race was on.
Faris and myself were pushing the bike early, trying to brake away from the others, but as we hit the beast we were all together again, Richie took the prime at the top.
After the beast i attacked again by myself and this one paid off, i end up establishing a 3.30min lead off the bike from that group that i was with.
The run was hot hot hot, after a gruelling ride, i only had the legs to hang on to 5th place in the end.
With the race concluding i realised that racing in this heat, is a race in its own, i think i will have to train more in these hotter climates to be able to race in these hotter racers..
All in all was a good day, another race experience to race against the top end of athletes in this sport.
still recovering Paul