What Happened....

'What Happened' is one of the most dreaded things i hate to answer when your race doesn't go to plan, or doesn't live up to other peoples expectations of yourself.
I think i am my most harshest critic, so when i am already down in the dumps for myself not living up to my ideal performance, explaining to everyone else just makes it that little more difficult.
Well i have been referring to most races in general, but for this instance i am talking about my resent performance at Ironman Louisville.
Well before the race i had a friend bike mechanic look over my bike for a quick check up, only to find a crack in my rear race wheel.
I was lucky enough to have a mate that runs a race day wheel hire company to lend me a disc wheel for the race.
When it came to 'race day' (the next day) I guess it was just bad luck during the race, as the wheel kept buckling against my bike frame, the problem was the gap was very narrow in the bike frame and then the added flex from a disc at high speeds making the buckle a constant. I had to stop a few times to try and correct the problem, but ultimately it felt like i was riding with my brakes on for the entire duration of the bike leg.
After the bike leg i was still in-contact with 1st place, and i tried to stay focused and hoped to pull together a strong run, after about 6 miles i started to feel sick and started to fade fast.
I tried to stay positive and ran too the 14 mile mark, but i found that it was just not my day and with Vegas worlds only 2 weeks away I had to make the decision to pull out and save my legs and recover in time for the World champs.
It's been a busy year and an even busier race season, i plan to have fun in Vegas but still take it seriously.
See ya then

Next challenge lies ahead

Lake Stevens was my next and probably final back to back race of the year.
The race went quite well, after racing boulder 70.3 the week before i was hoping to back up another solid race.
The race was quite close with myself making a break away at the start of the bike leg with Luke Bell following myself and ended up sitting behind me for the entire portion of the bike.
We had a few minutes lead over everyone else after the bike leg, which by the run stage of the race Bell's legs looked fresher than mine and proved it running away for 1st position.
I was happy to receive another 2nd place and my 4th podium in a row this season, it has really given me some confidence with my abilities so far testing them to the challenge of a long race season.
My next challenge will be Ironman louisville which is now less than 2 weeks away. I've had some dilemmas of recent, whether i should go back and defend my title as the race is only 2 weeks before the 70.3 world champs.
I have had a soft spot for my first Ironman title and the Louisville course itself, so with much deliberation i've decided to return.
It's going to take a massive effort on my behalf to firstly defend my title successfully and secondly get fresh enough and ready to compete well in the 70.3 world champs.
I am about to embark on a journey now, to see how my body can respond to the challenge or not.
See you on the other side

Racing in my own backyard.

Well 3 weeks after by last 2 back to back races i am at in again.
I decided to race the Ironman Boulder 70.3, mostly just because it's in my "own back yard" so to speak. I really don't like the process of traveling so much anymore, so the opportunity to race without traveling was too hard for me to pass up.
Every year it's the same with the Boulder 70.3 event, i always say i don't want to race it ever again as i don't like racing at altitude and the course doesn't really suit me. But every time it's the same argument that wins, it's right there and worse come to worse just use it as a training day.
Its a hard day at the office to use as a training day, but if you know me i do enjoy to race.
Race day had some up's and down's but my biggest optical was that i found i just couldn't put that little bit extra as i do in sea level, which i found it is very difficult to breath.
The race was pretty much won and lost on the bike it seemed, with Gambles and Frasier making a decisive break away on the bike, and Gambles finishing off with a stella run.
I found myself battling it out, with what it seemed to be everyone else together on the run leg of the race. I lost some considerable ground after the first lap of the run falling back into 6th position, i was able to settle down and compose myself to bring back a stronger 2nd lap.
I was lucky in the end to get onto the podium for 3rd place and was happy to do so on a course that didn't suit my strengths.
Now the challenge is to recover quickly again to back up in Ironman Lake Stevens 70.3.

Speedy recovery

Back to Back to Back

Well i'm in the thick of it now, both in peak race season and feeling that my form has finally started to come together.
I just came back from my 2nd lot of racing 2 races in 1 week.
1st stop was Rhode Island 70.3, i have raced here twice before and each time the course has been different to the previous year. 1've placed 3rd here 2 times from 2 starts so i was looking to try and get that 3rd place monkey off my back.
The swim start was good with David Kahn the eventual winner taking off like a rocket ship. He was lucky enough to get the lead kayak and seemed to be away for the day.
I was in no man's land, being out of reach from David and too far in-front of the others to help me guide my way. The sun was rising directly in the swim course, so i had real troubles navigating my way through the course, i lost too much time to David which was the difference in the end from myself wining and placing 2nd.
I rode well, but the only time i made some real distance up on the winner was the run leg, just a little too late in the end. But still had a great day and was happy to place 2nd after 2 3rd place finishers. (Hopefully one better next time :)

Racine 70.3 was the next stop on the race calendar, again just a week apart. The tricky thing about racing back to back is that you really don't know how your going to go till the actual race is under way.
What can i say, i had a great day. I swam with the leaders (Fraser, Steve Hacket and Rhodsey) and made my move straight away on the bike. I was pushing the pace really not knowing all day how much of a gap i got from everyone else. I was also thinking about Crowie, with a former world champ in the field and arguably the best runner in the sport i didn't want to have a running war with him that day.
Wasn't till about 3-4 miles on the run turn around that i new what type of lead i had.
I thought i had a race winning margin, but it was still early days with some great athletes in the field. I just tried to keep composed and hold together a solid run and eventually it paid off.
I'm so happy to get a win in Racine, especially how much history it has as one of the oldest Half ironman's on the circuit going around.

Getting back on track

Back in boulder and finally training looks like it's back on track.
It's been great the past few weeks, the weather has turned into a hot typical summer finally.
Coming back from racing back to back weekends seemed to have kick started my body back into gear. I've been able to nail out some key session which in the past months i have been putting off or just too unmotivated to get them done.
It's been good to have some training partners out on the long rides for once and having a young pro back from my home town Michael T Fox to catch up with and train the few weeks.
I'm finally now looking forward to my next to back - back race weekends (Rhode Island and Racine Ironman 70.3 events,) feeling confident with my fitness and conditioning lately.

See you at the races.

Busy weeks of Racing

After blowing up in Ironman Utah, i realised that i got to start putting some more training and re-focus behind me for my upcoming races.
I had on the cards another two 70.3 Ironman's 6 days apart coming up.
This would be a challenge as i've raced 2 half's in one week before, but generally it's during the peak USA or European race seasons where i'm allot fitter and in peak race form. Having that day less (6days instead of 7) would be a first for me.
Flying into Mooseman New Hampshire was a short trip, arriving friday night and departing sunday night, but on race day, things just came together. I swam with Max Kriat and Raynard Tissynk and was away on the bike and run with Max.
This was another head to head battle in the end with Maximum Kriat, i ran out fast, possible too fast and thought i was away from the Ukraine kid, but his strength of a runner proved it in the end as he caught back up to me and we had a war for 1st place the rest of the half marathon.
I was bettered in the end my Max in a sprint finish, but i was glad in the end of having a great race regardless.
I got from this race my first signs of some returning form, which for awhile due to a variety of personal problems and traveling, i was worried if it was ever to return.

6 days later after a short detour back in Boulder i was in Boise Idaho for another 70.3 event.
This was a Saturday race that starts at lunchtime, a rare thing now days in triathlon as most of our events are held on sunday mornings.
The swim had to be the coldest swim i've ever swam in before, (50 degrees or 10 Celsius) i never warmed up in the swim, and swam terrible for my standards.
The bike wasn't much better, i just couldn't push the pace like i normally could and lost some time from the leaders by the end of the bike.
The run possible the only place i felt half descant, though i didn't run anything special time wise, i managed to hold onto 4th place.
I drew from this event that even on a bad day, i can still manage to hang and i believe these are the races you learn the most from yourself.

Back to training Ambrose


After Oceanside I competed in the US 70.3 champs in Galveston Texas.

Was a stella field, but unfortunately I dealt yet another race with a flat tire. This time too early in the bike leg and with competition that hot, it was pointless bringing a spare.

I finally arrived in Boulder Colorado, where I will be based throughout the US summer, I had arrived here earlier than normal, as I thought it would be the ideal place to do my final preparations for Ironman Utah.

It has a similar climate and terrain, and it also made sense to be grounded for a while establishing a home away from home.

The weather has been cold and windy, opposite to that I’m normally accustomed to, as where i come from a temperate climate back in Sydney, it has been challenging for myself to acclimate.

My preparation has been good for the most part, I have had to be very careful where I had to try and put some miles in for the ironman, but at the same time not over do it and set myself back with fatigue or sickness.

I’m looking forward to getting to St George Utah, I picked this event as I herd it was a very beautiful place and a Very challenging course, 2 things I look for in a race.

See you at the other end



After a long flight from Sydney, i arrived just only a few days before Oceanside 70.3 California.
I have been enjoying the warm weather in LA for a few days and battling some jet lag, then headed down with a mate to Oceanside San Diego.
Besides being jet lagged, i thought my preparation has been good leading into the race on the weekend, so i was intrigued to see how i would go early season, in such a impressive field.
The swim went well, i came out with the front group (besides Potts of course) and was with some seriously talented company.
I tried to be more patient on the bike, and stayed with the group as we had a good gap from the others out of the swim and were putting time into Potts.
Towards the back half of the bike, no one wanted to do any work, anytime i tried to break away thats the only time the group would work and closed the gap .(Very frustrating).
So in the end a large group from behind caught up, and we all caught Potts as well.
I got a flat tire just under 3km from the end of the bike leg. I didn't stop, and road it into transition managing to stay in-touch with the group and had to be extra careful on the corners.
Ultimately it came down to a runners race, some of the best athletes in the sport all getting off the bike together and ducking it out on the run.
I ran well, i was running stride for stride with Jordan Rapp, who seems after last years crash in really good form.
Was happy to have a running partner the whole half marathon, but as racing sometimes goes got out-kicked in the end and ran in for 6th.
Will be recovering this week, and ready to do it all again at the US Ironman 70.3 champs in Texas this following weekend.
See ya at the races

Abu Dhabi

Arriving in Abu Dhabi was in great anticipation, i didn't really know what to expect but was excited none the less, to travel to another new destination and meet my new team mates of the Abu Dhabi triathlon team.
The guys/ girls have been great nothing but supportive and a real positive approach to training which brings a great vibe and positive energy to our workouts.
Being a laid back flexible Aussie, i wasn't as easily adapted to the German "on schedule" training. I have been a little out of my comfort zone as i give and take a little here and a little their in my training typically, but with the team which is comprises of mostly Germans and Europeans, i found that they have more "by the book" approach, which keeps me on the straight an narrow.

The team and i have been training in Al Ain in the UAE of Abu Dhabi, which is about an 1hr and a half drive from the city. It's a small dry town which is bang smack in the desert. The roads are surprisingly immaculate, mostly flat with one great mountain to climb up Jabel Hafeet.
The weather seems to be always dry and hot, and allot of the time since i've been here windy, which i am told this is only from time to time. It's really the perfect place to focus on your training and getting away from any distractions from the daily grind.
I've been in lock down here, eat-sleep-train-eat-train repeat. As typically you cant "hard core" all the time with training and there are the options of going to the city either Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but it's just what i need to start the year with some solid base behind me.
I am looking forward to testing my fitness next week with the creme of the crop of triathlons best athletes, which will all be their for the Abu Dhabi international on the 12th of march, it will be a good test run to compare fitness and speed against the worlds best and to start a platform for the season ahead.
See you at the races.


A new year and a new era for myself.
I have made some positive changes for this year and really happy with what's to come.
Firstly i have taken on board a new website with my friend @ D2 designs and working with him to get a more upto date and interactive website for my journy ahead.
Secendly i have joined the eliete triathlon team of Abu Dhabi, i am excited to work with these new faces and great athletes. Typically i have done allot of stuff on my own, and in order to grow i believe you have to experience as much as possible with as many different learning curves. So i see this a a great learning curve to become a better athlete and hopefully get some great mates along the way.
I have done allot of early traveling this year, with a trip to South America, a winter holiday in Colorado and a summer in Sydney.
I can't wait to share more of my journey as i head to Abu Dhabi for my team training camp, with much more exciting places and experiences ahead.
Safe travels