Abu Dhabi

I am starting enjoy this time of the year, getting over the proverbial hump of being out of shape and getting into a good rhythm/ routine in training. I am finally getting fit again, knocking out key sessions and recovering well.
After a good 4 weeks in Sydney, i have met up with my team (Tri Abu Dhabi) with some welcome new additions to the team this year.
The camp has been great so far, the weather has been ideal with perfect hot sunny days and for this time of year not as windy as it has been in the past.
The team and i are based in a hotel in Al Ain another emirate in the UAE about 2hrs inland from Abu dhabi, the hotel has a 33m swimming pool and a dried up river bed for great soft running adjacent.
The team trains in Al Ain as to Abu Dhabi as the roads are much quieter here for bike riding and has a more convenient variety of training options.
I will be here for a total of 2 weeks before i head back to Sydney to finish my final training for the Abu Dhabi international triathlon.