Back in Australia

I'm finally home....
After on and off racing since January 08.
2008 has been my longest season away from Australia and also my largest year of racing; with 2 X Olympic distance / 11 X 70.3's / 1 X ITU Long Course World champs and a Ironman debut it has been quite a hectic and jam packed season.
What i have learned from this is that it's just too many racers in one season.
To get the most out of myself as an athlete and a competitor is to pick my battles, as training then traveling to all these racers can mentally and physically burn you out.
So now its a long overdue break for me, i need to get my head out of triathlon and go hang out with my old mates.
For me racing and travelling for the last 9 months has been tuff, as all i seem to do is think about triathlon, i have had fun too don't get me wrong, but for myself after a hard year of training and racing theirs nothing better to get fat and go out drinking and partying with ya mates.
So its time to get fat, unfit and wait for the new year to come, so i can come back mentally fresh and ready to shed those Christmas weight off.

cheers Paul

Season Over

Well theirs allot that have happened since my last blog, which was like months ago.
Here is abit of catching up;
I raced Monaco 70.3 which i crashed on the wet technical roads.
Got Back to Boulder, trained with some of the guys in the preparations for Hawaii.
Went to longhorn Texas to race another 70.3 for my lead up to clearwater, which i felt terrible all day and had to bow out on the run.
Moved back to Florida for my preparations for Clearwater.
Raced Clearwater, which later i believe now that my preparations for training in Florida wasn't ideal.
Which lead me to try my 1st Ironman Debut in Arizona, also didn't go that great, i don't believe i was conditioned enough, which lead to my marathon falling apart and having to walk and shuffle the last 8 miles of the marathon.
I know this posting is brief, but i just thought i would write a few cliff notes of my racers and where I'm at, at the moment.
Now I'm officially done for the season, i should have some interesting posts to follow.
cheers Paul


G'day. i have been quite lazy with my recent updates of my blog.
So again like many of my past posts, ill give you the cliff notes of what I've been up too.
After my last race in Vineman 70.3, i decided to have a break for 2 weeks. No training just relaxing and some partying. i decided i needed some mid season RnR after a already quite jam packed race calender.
After 2 weeks off, i had to do a 3 week cram session to get fit quick as i hastily put my hand up to race the ITU long course world champs in Almere Holland.
It was a challenging obstacle for myself as i was struggling for fitness after my 2 weeks break. I was also competing in the unknown, As this would be the longest distance event i have yet to compete in.
Almere - i turned out to receive a respectable 9th place, in my first ITU long course world champs. I was happy with my race, and the best part was that i took from the race :- experience in racing against to best in the world and a great stepping stone to move to the Ironman distance.
Next top Monaco

Rhode Island rap up

Ok i thought i should post a quick run down of Rhode Island 70.3 as the race coverage and reports were less than poor.
Ok swim- So we went off and a crew with Rhodsey and a few ITU boys led out the swim like a bullet out of a gate, i followed with Richie and Griffen on my feet.
i was lucky enough to Use my old surf skill to catch what was left of a small wave into the beach.
The bike- it was on like donkey kong and i went for it as soon as i pushed my first pedal, i soon caught race leader Brian Rhodes with Griffen and Richie still trialing behind.
We soon got past the half way point of the bike when the powerful man from Argentina (Oscar Galindaz) soon came flying by, i was able to go with him, but Giffen and Richie were not able.
Oscar and i soon established a good lead on the rest of the field, when the lead car sent us the wrong was and had to ride back a mile back on course (which we lost some time and momentum) frustrating enough.
The run- Oscar and i soon hit the run together , and for 7 miles we were shoulder - shoulder trying to break one another. soon on the 2nd lap we hit the big hill for the 2nd time and "the man" soon got away from me.
With 2 miles to go Richie soon appeared out of no where and i had nothing left to give so i gladly held onto 3rd in the end.
Next Stop Vineman 70.3 (back - back weekend)
Cheers Ambrose

NO more Games

OK , sorry i haven't been updating my blog too often.
its been difficult doing it from my phone.
Anyways a brief catch up on my endeavours.
So i have been getting quite serious lately, trying to avoid the late nights out and "chasing the laddies" so to speak. That can be more tiring than training some times.
So i have tried to break away from my typical "old school" philosophy, i went to the boulder high performance lab and done all the testing from lactate to Vo2 max Jason covered everything, which was quite interesting to learn abit more about my own body.
Also i was a big fan of Zoot sports products and am pleased to mention that i will be racing the end of the season 'Zooted" up so to speak.
Now its time for business, i have been in the past be criticized for not taking triathlon too seriously, but that's not the case, yes i go out party and muck around but when it comes to my preparation for my racers i treat them with allot of seriousness.
So i have learned abit more about my body which theirs still more to learn, i have the right tools (race apparel), so now its time for business.
Next racers the "Double header" Rhode island 70.3 - Vineman 70.3
Ready to roll

Passport Debarkel

ok well my luck over the last month hasn't been great. To be honest its been less than ordinary.
well my plans where to get ready for the uk 70.3 a goal race of mine since the start of the season.
so training and my prepartion was going well, I had a friend from out of town staying with me which made the past week leeding up to the debarkel fun and enjoyable.
so Monday night hits and we both had early flight out on Tuesday so we thought it would be easier to stay in a hotel room at the airport that night so we didn't have to get up so early.
My friend had a hire car so I said I would drop it off in the morning so he could just take the shuttle to the airport.
morning of: so I dropped the car off at 5am and was on the bus to the airport with plenty of time for my 7am flight, as when I just realised that I didn't have my passport. I thought I left it back at my appartment in boulder, so I went back to the renta car place and hired a car to go back to boulder and back, in the insane notion that I would still make my flight.
with the rushing home I was "lucky" enough to get pulled over by the police. Who "lucky" enough turned out to be a imagration officer as well. So I was held on the side of the free way for some time as I had no idenification (no passport) so it looked extra fishy.
the officer was cool in the end and let me off with a warning.
So I get back to the appartment and search head - toe of the place and still could not find my passport. So I had to go back and drop off the car at the airport and needless to say I missed my flight. And had to catch the bus back home with my head inbetweem my legs.
So the next day I had to file a missing passaport report at the police station and all the other forms for a new passport (very stressful)
last minute I booked a flight to Kansas for the 70.3 their (because you can still fly interstate with a drivers licence)
my Thursday afternoon a friend sore that their was a sign in the parking garage down town saying that their is a found passport. So with a bit of a rush I got it back, cancelled my other one(but too late to go to the uk)

flat in Boise 70.3

so what can I say, I was feeling good leading up to the Boise 70.3.
alittle hesident with my approach to the swim as you swim in the reservoir which is basically snow melt run off that you swim in (so its really cold). But once you got going and numb, I didnt mind the swim at all.
I had a good swim, I came out with the leaders and was possitioned nicely for the bike. I was in 3rd taking 2nd place with 1st in my sites, but with a mile into the bike leg I frustratingly got a flat tire, I had no spares so I was forced to pull out of the race.
a very unlucky race today as I was confident on getting a podium in this event.
so I will be more deteimed now to prove myself in my next 70.3 in the uk.
I am excited to race as I was injured their last year and this year I will get my first dule off for the season with one of my training partners and previous winner of this event (Chris McCormack). I love racing against the best athletes in the sport as it pushes me to achieve my best within myself.
All guns blazing
next stop uk

back to boulder

ok, I arrived back in boulder Colorado. Its quite refreshing to be back here again for another summer .
been living out of a suit case traveling from one place to another. So it's very refreshing to base myself for another summer season in the US.
arriving in boulder was perfect timming weather wise, I arrived in with clear skys and hot summer weather (couldnt be better)
this week I will have to ease off the typical training resume , with the whole process of acclimatising to the alltitude to go over again. And was unlucky enough to arrive with my first cold of the year ,so all in all I will be cruising around and taking in the sites of the town on boulder.
will start to build the training up for my approach of my upcomming 70.3 ironmans ahead.
just chilling

Saint Croix run down

Well arriving in the virgin islands was abit of a treat for me, as when you arrive you think you more on a holiday than here for a half ironman.
Racing the 70.3 half ironman, you soon realised that you wern't on no holiday anymore your here to race.
Racing with another world class field, soon realised i had my work cut out for me again.
The day produced all types of weather rain, heat, humidity and wind but unlucky enough to have no wind for the run.
As the swim finished and the ride starting, i thought i was racing the world champs with names like Lessing, Alexander, Cunnigham, Rhodes and Faris-Al Sultan surrounding me the race was on.
Faris and myself were pushing the bike early, trying to brake away from the others, but as we hit the beast we were all together again, Richie took the prime at the top.
After the beast i attacked again by myself and this one paid off, i end up establishing a 3.30min lead off the bike from that group that i was with.
The run was hot hot hot, after a gruelling ride, i only had the legs to hang on to 5th place in the end.
With the race concluding i realised that racing in this heat, is a race in its own, i think i will have to train more in these hotter climates to be able to race in these hotter racers..
All in all was a good day, another race experience to race against the top end of athletes in this sport.
still recovering Paul

Saint Pete - Boca

Ok well, after a great 3 weeks of training in LA its time to race again.

i headed off to Tampa, to do the Saint Anthonies Olympic distance triathlon, a good hit out for my next big 70.3 in Saint Croix a week later.
Finishing off in the top 10 against some of the fastest guys in the sport was a great. i hoped for a result like that, but with no speed training over the past month i felt that i wouldn't have the legs to keep up with the guys.
i am happy now with the race under my belt, which i believe will sharpen me up for my half next week.
I will head to Boca for the next couple of days where i will be based over the next month.

Cheers Paul

Training in LA

OK, after a big race weekend (including after race celebrations), its time to head to LA for the next 3 weeks of my training.
Fortunately Paul Amey AKA Amos, who i was staying with in san diego, was also heading up to LA to train with me and macca for the next couple of weeks, so it worked in well to travel up together.
Me and amos was staying with macca & his family where it seems like they where going down like flies with sickness. (must be something going around), Amos got hit with it also, and was out from training for a couple of days, i think i started to get it too, but so far been able to shake it off lucky enough.
Training here is surprisingly good, with a variety of trails to run on, a combination of bike paths and mountains to ride on and a killer swim group with Siri Lindley a mostly all female swim group who are really talented swimmers, who make a 6km sessions entertaining and enjoyable to be apart of. Best of all your in LA; sun, surf and pretty girls what more could you want.
got a hard couple of weeks of training now, then my next hit out will be Saint Anthony's Olympic triathlon where i will get a good speed hit out against the ITU boys, a good tester to sharpen myself up from all the ironman training...
Safe travels Paul

race report

California 70.3 race rap up...
ok so here the race run down.... i arrived into san diego on thursday night, from florida, where i have been training the past 3 weeks. was really tied after the long flight as you could imagine. stayed with a mate and fellow pro triathlete Paul Amey.
Race morning: was really quite cold (especially after been in such great weather in florida the past weeks.) so wakeing up so early and the checking in for race morning left little time to warm up..
was a huge field as the race unfolds, where outside the 70.3 world champs would have to be the most competitive pro field to date, with such depth and tallent lined up, including the current and former world champ, i knew it was going to be a tuff race. and as i predicted it was....
Potts led the field with a impressive 2.20 lead on the rest of us (which wasn't such a big supprise). then Fraser Cartmell another talented young pro was only 1 minute off potts. 1 min after that was us, the 1st main bunch, which included; anderson, crowie, cunnigham and several others.
though the main group started with around 12 of us, by the 20mile mark in it was down to just 5.
after a electric bike leg the run was on, with potts still a minute in front, myself, Fraser, crowie, anderson and thomson raced after.
Fraser and crowie went toe to toe which resulted in frasers blow up (rookie error) and then thomson moved to 3rd.
with just over a mile to go i was in 4th passing thomson for 3rd and never looked back, which by the finish i had a comfortable 2 minutes on thomson, so i was able to enjoy my 3rd place finish.
Saterday race, ment a bigger after race celebration, so me and Paul Amey went to a party in delma at a old school friends house of Amey. Least to say it was a big night , didn't get to go to bed that night, huge party and a long deserved night out.
well the morning after the big night out, Me and Amey had to pack and drove up from san diego to LA to train for the next 3 weeks.
little to say that the next couple of days will be hard to bounce back from the celebrations and the enduring race which is the ironman

safe travels Paul

Knuckling Down

OK, I'm in my 5th week of training now, and its been good and bad.
Well I'm happy at the moment, that i have been able to knock out my key sessions each week and am really starting to see the improvements, which has been good.
Times havent been ideal though and most endurance athletes have to go through the same obstacles.
Firstly i have had a lack of training partners which really takes some of the enjoyment out of training, so i have knuckled down and done most of the training solo, which you get to learn allot about yourself.
Secondly for an Australian summer, it has been very disappointing, its been wet and overcast almost all the time (this ain't Australia/ its more like Great Britain) .
So despite these obstacles I'm really getting the job done, and I'm really excited of what i can do in my next racers and the season ahead...
Cheers Paul
Next Stop Florida

Back To Basics

A quick run down of the past couple of weeks.
Training before South Africa 70.3 was not as good as planned, glass on the roads, (flat tire on race wheels before then race) not a good start.
Swimming in the beach, got stung by a blue bottle and my leg swallon up for 4 days because of this. The race, well it was allot tuffer than i imagined the bike was rediculously hilly, but a 4 lane highway with no traffic was a great course to race on, which would normanlly suit me but the hole lack of training leading up too this was a big down fall. Then to cap things off the run was really hot with approx 1km straight up hill 3 X just to let you know you still alive.
Pucon Beautiful, (my flight got delayed 24hrs from south africa) which was a bit of an inconvience but once arrived it was all worth it. It is one of the most pristine placers in the world, with post card perfect views, welcoming people and such a fun event to be part of. It makes raceing all worth while visting placers like this.
Holiday time is over now, and after a good 2 months off its time to get serious.
Ok Its crunch time now, i've had my fun, a few more than genorous nights out, and allot of mucking around. its time to dot the eyes and cross the Tees, get through a well planned workload to launch off season 08.
best wishers Paul

Travelling taking its toll

i´m in between airports at the moment, after my first flight got delayed a whole 24hrs. i´m off to revist the journey that i began the previous day.
i´m heading to pucon chile, after a ugly early season hit out in south africa, i managed to scrape together a 7th place on an unexpectingly difficult course. Now with the combination of 15 + hrs of travelling combined with 15hrs of delays (lay overs) i will try and re-group and piece togther another half ironman only a week apart..
normanly this wouldn´t be such a great feat, but with the combination of jet lag and early season (out of shape) this will be one of my most gruleling weeks of my sort lived triathlon carrier.
like i mentioned in my last post, that i will be dabbleing in the unknown of what my body can do, but what i do know is that the 70.3 south africa that just past, hert allot, and i can predict allot more pain ahead.
i have gone out like a kamakazie man, putting my body in o most certin termoil. so i know now, i got allot of work to be done, for the 08 campain to really k¡ck off.
see ya at the finish line

A new year & an Early season hit out

Gearing up, Dusting off the off season cob webs
Well after a well wind 2007 season, it is time to see what state the body is in after a moderate break and a few too many late nights out.
I always like to start the year off with some kind of hit out to see where i am physically after a off season break, so i can build on that for the season ahead...
So i have dive'd into the deep end (so to speak), signing up for the first two 70.3 ironmans for 2008.
I thought "why not" i love racing and travelling, so i might as well kill two birds with one stone.
Flying to, two of the most diverse areas in the world 1st off South Africa then all stations to Pucon Chile (can't wait)..
Really going to be an unknown on how well i will go, with a recent 2 week cram session too work off the Chrissy belly. What i do know like all racers i will defiantly feel the pain, just feel abit more this time around...
I'll keep ya posted on how the (unknown) went..
cheers Paul