Back to Back to Back

Well i'm in the thick of it now, both in peak race season and feeling that my form has finally started to come together.
I just came back from my 2nd lot of racing 2 races in 1 week.
1st stop was Rhode Island 70.3, i have raced here twice before and each time the course has been different to the previous year. 1've placed 3rd here 2 times from 2 starts so i was looking to try and get that 3rd place monkey off my back.
The swim start was good with David Kahn the eventual winner taking off like a rocket ship. He was lucky enough to get the lead kayak and seemed to be away for the day.
I was in no man's land, being out of reach from David and too far in-front of the others to help me guide my way. The sun was rising directly in the swim course, so i had real troubles navigating my way through the course, i lost too much time to David which was the difference in the end from myself wining and placing 2nd.
I rode well, but the only time i made some real distance up on the winner was the run leg, just a little too late in the end. But still had a great day and was happy to place 2nd after 2 3rd place finishers. (Hopefully one better next time :)

Racine 70.3 was the next stop on the race calendar, again just a week apart. The tricky thing about racing back to back is that you really don't know how your going to go till the actual race is under way.
What can i say, i had a great day. I swam with the leaders (Fraser, Steve Hacket and Rhodsey) and made my move straight away on the bike. I was pushing the pace really not knowing all day how much of a gap i got from everyone else. I was also thinking about Crowie, with a former world champ in the field and arguably the best runner in the sport i didn't want to have a running war with him that day.
Wasn't till about 3-4 miles on the run turn around that i new what type of lead i had.
I thought i had a race winning margin, but it was still early days with some great athletes in the field. I just tried to keep composed and hold together a solid run and eventually it paid off.
I'm so happy to get a win in Racine, especially how much history it has as one of the oldest Half ironman's on the circuit going around.

Getting back on track

Back in boulder and finally training looks like it's back on track.
It's been great the past few weeks, the weather has turned into a hot typical summer finally.
Coming back from racing back to back weekends seemed to have kick started my body back into gear. I've been able to nail out some key session which in the past months i have been putting off or just too unmotivated to get them done.
It's been good to have some training partners out on the long rides for once and having a young pro back from my home town Michael T Fox to catch up with and train the few weeks.
I'm finally now looking forward to my next to back - back race weekends (Rhode Island and Racine Ironman 70.3 events,) feeling confident with my fitness and conditioning lately.

See you at the races.