Next Stop Boston

Hello...I've just competed in my new local town of boulder colorado, in the EAS 5430 Long Course race. I had a better result than the horrific display at the boulder peak tri a couple of weeks ago. I started the race with a solid swim, rode hard with the front runners and managed to hold onto 5th place.

I'm now travelling to new Hampshire, which has been a taxing task as I didn't really know the length of travel I was getting into. After my flight was delayed for over an hour, I arrived in Boston Airport (approx 4hrs later). I then hired a car and took a gamble on the north route to new hampshire, luckily the roads in america are easily to negotiate. I then got stuck in peak hour traffic and was delayed for another hour, which added up to a 3hr dive to gillford new hampshire)

This place seems to have nice open roads with rolling hills, I hope this will come to my favour. My next stop will be monaco 70.3, I will be flying in there for 2 weeks and will catch up with a buddy in frankfurt, may visit Amsterdam if i get a chance.


Preparing to Deliver!!

Hey everyone,

It's been a good summer, I'm starting to dig myself out of the hole that I fell into after the past weeks of training at altitude. I went out with a good crew of people for my birthday the other night (23 getting old). It's been a good time for me to unwind and not think about training and racing, just chilling out over a couple of beers and food. It was an eventful night and really helped me to balance my urge to go out again. I will have to wait until after a race to unwind again.

I started swimming in a 50 metre pool, after training in only a 25m one for the past 3 months. The good thing about the 50m pool is that they don't lie. If you are unfit or not up to scratch they will let you know.

I've moved down town with training partner Chris. It's perfect area for training and chilling out and is located close to a college student central (trying not to get too distracted). I've got two half Ironman races coming up. I'm looking forward to racing again, This is the best thing about training in the anticipation of an upcoming event.

The good thing about training in boulder is that you can rub shoulders with the legends of the sport, so many of my sport idols live in the area, and are friendly to talk too. I found it rewarding speaking to these legends, its great to be around these people as they inspire me to achieve what they have done.

All the best