Next Stop Boston

Hello...I've just competed in my new local town of boulder colorado, in the EAS 5430 Long Course race. I had a better result than the horrific display at the boulder peak tri a couple of weeks ago. I started the race with a solid swim, rode hard with the front runners and managed to hold onto 5th place.

I'm now travelling to new Hampshire, which has been a taxing task as I didn't really know the length of travel I was getting into. After my flight was delayed for over an hour, I arrived in Boston Airport (approx 4hrs later). I then hired a car and took a gamble on the north route to new hampshire, luckily the roads in america are easily to negotiate. I then got stuck in peak hour traffic and was delayed for another hour, which added up to a 3hr dive to gillford new hampshire)

This place seems to have nice open roads with rolling hills, I hope this will come to my favour. My next stop will be monaco 70.3, I will be flying in there for 2 weeks and will catch up with a buddy in frankfurt, may visit Amsterdam if i get a chance.