A New Year

Ok, so it's been awhile since my last blog and instead of reminiscing on what i've missed in racing/training and what not i thought i would just go on from the present and let you know where im at.
2012 has just begun, which means back too training. I have just come out of my typical end of year break enjoying the month off in december, i really enjoy this time of the year unwinding and getting caught up with the "silly season".
I make a effort every December to take the entire month off to enjoy myself catching up with friends and family and trying to take my mind away from triathlon as it can get overwhelming racing/ training all year.
Due to the time off this month is always the most painful for me, my body clock is all out of wak and my fitness rivals a contestant on the biggest looser.
Starting back into training I always think of one of my favorite movies (Rocky I) where "Rocky" the out of shape bum (boxer) tries to get fit when he excepts the challenge from the heavy weight champ of the world (Apolo Creed). I love to relate different blocks of training to some of my favorite movies.
With that said, this out of shape bum, needs to get fit. Who's knows i might have a race with the champion of the world soon....