Back in the swing of things

January 2nd every year is my day back into training. 
This year i had to start back abit more hard core than normally, as i stupidly on a late night out in december and a few too many alcoholic beverages, i signed up to an early season 70.3 event (Geelong).
So instead of taking my time with a few weeks of easy 20 minutes sessions, i have jumped in the deep end with some 6hrs a day sessions, (it's been the hardest January on record).
Their will be no taper and another race where i have my fingers crossed and hope my legs come good on the day.
Checking in after the race...
Also new website to come...

cheers Paul

Ambrose on Twitter

Hey guys happy new year!
I just started a "twitter" account. Now i can be up to date with 'what' and 'now' i am doing next.
To follow myself and my endeavours just sign on and follow twitter name: ambroselive

Start 2010 with a bang