Abu Dhabi

Arriving in Abu Dhabi was in great anticipation, i didn't really know what to expect but was excited none the less, to travel to another new destination and meet my new team mates of the Abu Dhabi triathlon team.
The guys/ girls have been great nothing but supportive and a real positive approach to training which brings a great vibe and positive energy to our workouts.
Being a laid back flexible Aussie, i wasn't as easily adapted to the German "on schedule" training. I have been a little out of my comfort zone as i give and take a little here and a little their in my training typically, but with the team which is comprises of mostly Germans and Europeans, i found that they have more "by the book" approach, which keeps me on the straight an narrow.

The team and i have been training in Al Ain in the UAE of Abu Dhabi, which is about an 1hr and a half drive from the city. It's a small dry town which is bang smack in the desert. The roads are surprisingly immaculate, mostly flat with one great mountain to climb up Jabel Hafeet.
The weather seems to be always dry and hot, and allot of the time since i've been here windy, which i am told this is only from time to time. It's really the perfect place to focus on your training and getting away from any distractions from the daily grind.
I've been in lock down here, eat-sleep-train-eat-train repeat. As typically you cant "hard core" all the time with training and there are the options of going to the city either Abu Dhabi or Dubai, but it's just what i need to start the year with some solid base behind me.
I am looking forward to testing my fitness next week with the creme of the crop of triathlons best athletes, which will all be their for the Abu Dhabi international on the 12th of march, it will be a good test run to compare fitness and speed against the worlds best and to start a platform for the season ahead.
See you at the races.