Saint Pete - Boca

Ok well, after a great 3 weeks of training in LA its time to race again.

i headed off to Tampa, to do the Saint Anthonies Olympic distance triathlon, a good hit out for my next big 70.3 in Saint Croix a week later.
Finishing off in the top 10 against some of the fastest guys in the sport was a great. i hoped for a result like that, but with no speed training over the past month i felt that i wouldn't have the legs to keep up with the guys.
i am happy now with the race under my belt, which i believe will sharpen me up for my half next week.
I will head to Boca for the next couple of days where i will be based over the next month.

Cheers Paul

Training in LA

OK, after a big race weekend (including after race celebrations), its time to head to LA for the next 3 weeks of my training.
Fortunately Paul Amey AKA Amos, who i was staying with in san diego, was also heading up to LA to train with me and macca for the next couple of weeks, so it worked in well to travel up together.
Me and amos was staying with macca & his family where it seems like they where going down like flies with sickness. (must be something going around), Amos got hit with it also, and was out from training for a couple of days, i think i started to get it too, but so far been able to shake it off lucky enough.
Training here is surprisingly good, with a variety of trails to run on, a combination of bike paths and mountains to ride on and a killer swim group with Siri Lindley a mostly all female swim group who are really talented swimmers, who make a 6km sessions entertaining and enjoyable to be apart of. Best of all your in LA; sun, surf and pretty girls what more could you want.
got a hard couple of weeks of training now, then my next hit out will be Saint Anthony's Olympic triathlon where i will get a good speed hit out against the ITU boys, a good tester to sharpen myself up from all the ironman training...
Safe travels Paul

race report

California 70.3 race rap up...
ok so here the race run down.... i arrived into san diego on thursday night, from florida, where i have been training the past 3 weeks. was really tied after the long flight as you could imagine. stayed with a mate and fellow pro triathlete Paul Amey.
Race morning: was really quite cold (especially after been in such great weather in florida the past weeks.) so wakeing up so early and the checking in for race morning left little time to warm up..
was a huge field as the race unfolds, where outside the 70.3 world champs would have to be the most competitive pro field to date, with such depth and tallent lined up, including the current and former world champ, i knew it was going to be a tuff race. and as i predicted it was....
Potts led the field with a impressive 2.20 lead on the rest of us (which wasn't such a big supprise). then Fraser Cartmell another talented young pro was only 1 minute off potts. 1 min after that was us, the 1st main bunch, which included; anderson, crowie, cunnigham and several others.
though the main group started with around 12 of us, by the 20mile mark in it was down to just 5.
after a electric bike leg the run was on, with potts still a minute in front, myself, Fraser, crowie, anderson and thomson raced after.
Fraser and crowie went toe to toe which resulted in frasers blow up (rookie error) and then thomson moved to 3rd.
with just over a mile to go i was in 4th passing thomson for 3rd and never looked back, which by the finish i had a comfortable 2 minutes on thomson, so i was able to enjoy my 3rd place finish.
Saterday race, ment a bigger after race celebration, so me and Paul Amey went to a party in delma at a old school friends house of Amey. Least to say it was a big night , didn't get to go to bed that night, huge party and a long deserved night out.
well the morning after the big night out, Me and Amey had to pack and drove up from san diego to LA to train for the next 3 weeks.
little to say that the next couple of days will be hard to bounce back from the celebrations and the enduring race which is the ironman

safe travels Paul