Back in Australia

I'm finally home....
After on and off racing since January 08.
2008 has been my longest season away from Australia and also my largest year of racing; with 2 X Olympic distance / 11 X 70.3's / 1 X ITU Long Course World champs and a Ironman debut it has been quite a hectic and jam packed season.
What i have learned from this is that it's just too many racers in one season.
To get the most out of myself as an athlete and a competitor is to pick my battles, as training then traveling to all these racers can mentally and physically burn you out.
So now its a long overdue break for me, i need to get my head out of triathlon and go hang out with my old mates.
For me racing and travelling for the last 9 months has been tuff, as all i seem to do is think about triathlon, i have had fun too don't get me wrong, but for myself after a hard year of training and racing theirs nothing better to get fat and go out drinking and partying with ya mates.
So its time to get fat, unfit and wait for the new year to come, so i can come back mentally fresh and ready to shed those Christmas weight off.

cheers Paul