Season Over

Well theirs allot that have happened since my last blog, which was like months ago.
Here is abit of catching up;
I raced Monaco 70.3 which i crashed on the wet technical roads.
Got Back to Boulder, trained with some of the guys in the preparations for Hawaii.
Went to longhorn Texas to race another 70.3 for my lead up to clearwater, which i felt terrible all day and had to bow out on the run.
Moved back to Florida for my preparations for Clearwater.
Raced Clearwater, which later i believe now that my preparations for training in Florida wasn't ideal.
Which lead me to try my 1st Ironman Debut in Arizona, also didn't go that great, i don't believe i was conditioned enough, which lead to my marathon falling apart and having to walk and shuffle the last 8 miles of the marathon.
I know this posting is brief, but i just thought i would write a few cliff notes of my racers and where I'm at, at the moment.
Now I'm officially done for the season, i should have some interesting posts to follow.
cheers Paul