G'day. i have been quite lazy with my recent updates of my blog.
So again like many of my past posts, ill give you the cliff notes of what I've been up too.
After my last race in Vineman 70.3, i decided to have a break for 2 weeks. No training just relaxing and some partying. i decided i needed some mid season RnR after a already quite jam packed race calender.
After 2 weeks off, i had to do a 3 week cram session to get fit quick as i hastily put my hand up to race the ITU long course world champs in Almere Holland.
It was a challenging obstacle for myself as i was struggling for fitness after my 2 weeks break. I was also competing in the unknown, As this would be the longest distance event i have yet to compete in.
Almere - i turned out to receive a respectable 9th place, in my first ITU long course world champs. I was happy with my race, and the best part was that i took from the race :- experience in racing against to best in the world and a great stepping stone to move to the Ironman distance.
Next top Monaco