Rhode Island rap up

Ok i thought i should post a quick run down of Rhode Island 70.3 as the race coverage and reports were less than poor.
Ok swim- So we went off and a crew with Rhodsey and a few ITU boys led out the swim like a bullet out of a gate, i followed with Richie and Griffen on my feet.
i was lucky enough to Use my old surf skill to catch what was left of a small wave into the beach.
The bike- it was on like donkey kong and i went for it as soon as i pushed my first pedal, i soon caught race leader Brian Rhodes with Griffen and Richie still trialing behind.
We soon got past the half way point of the bike when the powerful man from Argentina (Oscar Galindaz) soon came flying by, i was able to go with him, but Giffen and Richie were not able.
Oscar and i soon established a good lead on the rest of the field, when the lead car sent us the wrong was and had to ride back a mile back on course (which we lost some time and momentum) frustrating enough.
The run- Oscar and i soon hit the run together , and for 7 miles we were shoulder - shoulder trying to break one another. soon on the 2nd lap we hit the big hill for the 2nd time and "the man" soon got away from me.
With 2 miles to go Richie soon appeared out of no where and i had nothing left to give so i gladly held onto 3rd in the end.
Next Stop Vineman 70.3 (back - back weekend)
Cheers Ambrose