NO more Games

OK , sorry i haven't been updating my blog too often.
its been difficult doing it from my phone.
Anyways a brief catch up on my endeavours.
So i have been getting quite serious lately, trying to avoid the late nights out and "chasing the laddies" so to speak. That can be more tiring than training some times.
So i have tried to break away from my typical "old school" philosophy, i went to the boulder high performance lab and done all the testing from lactate to Vo2 max Jason covered everything, which was quite interesting to learn abit more about my own body.
Also i was a big fan of Zoot sports products and am pleased to mention that i will be racing the end of the season 'Zooted" up so to speak.
Now its time for business, i have been in the past be criticized for not taking triathlon too seriously, but that's not the case, yes i go out party and muck around but when it comes to my preparation for my racers i treat them with allot of seriousness.
So i have learned abit more about my body which theirs still more to learn, i have the right tools (race apparel), so now its time for business.
Next racers the "Double header" Rhode island 70.3 - Vineman 70.3
Ready to roll