Passport Debarkel

ok well my luck over the last month hasn't been great. To be honest its been less than ordinary.
well my plans where to get ready for the uk 70.3 a goal race of mine since the start of the season.
so training and my prepartion was going well, I had a friend from out of town staying with me which made the past week leeding up to the debarkel fun and enjoyable.
so Monday night hits and we both had early flight out on Tuesday so we thought it would be easier to stay in a hotel room at the airport that night so we didn't have to get up so early.
My friend had a hire car so I said I would drop it off in the morning so he could just take the shuttle to the airport.
morning of: so I dropped the car off at 5am and was on the bus to the airport with plenty of time for my 7am flight, as when I just realised that I didn't have my passport. I thought I left it back at my appartment in boulder, so I went back to the renta car place and hired a car to go back to boulder and back, in the insane notion that I would still make my flight.
with the rushing home I was "lucky" enough to get pulled over by the police. Who "lucky" enough turned out to be a imagration officer as well. So I was held on the side of the free way for some time as I had no idenification (no passport) so it looked extra fishy.
the officer was cool in the end and let me off with a warning.
So I get back to the appartment and search head - toe of the place and still could not find my passport. So I had to go back and drop off the car at the airport and needless to say I missed my flight. And had to catch the bus back home with my head inbetweem my legs.
So the next day I had to file a missing passaport report at the police station and all the other forms for a new passport (very stressful)
last minute I booked a flight to Kansas for the 70.3 their (because you can still fly interstate with a drivers licence)
my Thursday afternoon a friend sore that their was a sign in the parking garage down town saying that their is a found passport. So with a bit of a rush I got it back, cancelled my other one(but too late to go to the uk)