IM China (disaster)

Season 09.
Well i haven't been blogging at all lately, as the past 3 months i've been in lockdown just training and sleeping.(that's right no late nights out and partying, which has been really hard).
All this was for my 1st hit out of the season which was Ironman China.
I really wanted to race well in this one, as i had a point to prove to myself that i can be dominate over this distance.

Ironman China which didn't go as expected (it was a disaster, a really poor organised race), i got sent off course on the bike with Tim Marr by police vehicles ,which i was coming into 2nd place and only 40sec behind 1st place and we road off course for 25km before realising that we where off course.

Then we had to ride back 25km onto the course, which we continued to race, and then was able to ride back into 2nd and 3rd place but 25min now behind 1st place.
Later we got Disqualified for riding off course, as we were told at the race briefing that it was impossible to go off course (i guess we proved them wrong).

So all in all, it was very disappointing that i was unable to finish and complete the race the "right way", and finish the Ironman i was so prepared to race.

Back To the drawing board. Paul