Knuckling Down

OK, I'm in my 5th week of training now, and its been good and bad.
Well I'm happy at the moment, that i have been able to knock out my key sessions each week and am really starting to see the improvements, which has been good.
Times havent been ideal though and most endurance athletes have to go through the same obstacles.
Firstly i have had a lack of training partners which really takes some of the enjoyment out of training, so i have knuckled down and done most of the training solo, which you get to learn allot about yourself.
Secondly for an Australian summer, it has been very disappointing, its been wet and overcast almost all the time (this ain't Australia/ its more like Great Britain) .
So despite these obstacles I'm really getting the job done, and I'm really excited of what i can do in my next racers and the season ahead...
Cheers Paul
Next Stop Florida