Travelling taking its toll

i´m in between airports at the moment, after my first flight got delayed a whole 24hrs. i´m off to revist the journey that i began the previous day.
i´m heading to pucon chile, after a ugly early season hit out in south africa, i managed to scrape together a 7th place on an unexpectingly difficult course. Now with the combination of 15 + hrs of travelling combined with 15hrs of delays (lay overs) i will try and re-group and piece togther another half ironman only a week apart..
normanly this wouldn´t be such a great feat, but with the combination of jet lag and early season (out of shape) this will be one of my most gruleling weeks of my sort lived triathlon carrier.
like i mentioned in my last post, that i will be dabbleing in the unknown of what my body can do, but what i do know is that the 70.3 south africa that just past, hert allot, and i can predict allot more pain ahead.
i have gone out like a kamakazie man, putting my body in o most certin termoil. so i know now, i got allot of work to be done, for the 08 campain to really k¡ck off.
see ya at the finish line