A new year & an Early season hit out

Gearing up, Dusting off the off season cob webs
Well after a well wind 2007 season, it is time to see what state the body is in after a moderate break and a few too many late nights out.
I always like to start the year off with some kind of hit out to see where i am physically after a off season break, so i can build on that for the season ahead...
So i have dive'd into the deep end (so to speak), signing up for the first two 70.3 ironmans for 2008.
I thought "why not" i love racing and travelling, so i might as well kill two birds with one stone.
Flying to, two of the most diverse areas in the world 1st off South Africa then all stations to Pucon Chile (can't wait)..
Really going to be an unknown on how well i will go, with a recent 2 week cram session too work off the Chrissy belly. What i do know like all racers i will defiantly feel the pain, just feel abit more this time around...
I'll keep ya posted on how the (unknown) went..
cheers Paul