Next challenge lies ahead

Lake Stevens was my next and probably final back to back race of the year.
The race went quite well, after racing boulder 70.3 the week before i was hoping to back up another solid race.
The race was quite close with myself making a break away at the start of the bike leg with Luke Bell following myself and ended up sitting behind me for the entire portion of the bike.
We had a few minutes lead over everyone else after the bike leg, which by the run stage of the race Bell's legs looked fresher than mine and proved it running away for 1st position.
I was happy to receive another 2nd place and my 4th podium in a row this season, it has really given me some confidence with my abilities so far testing them to the challenge of a long race season.
My next challenge will be Ironman louisville which is now less than 2 weeks away. I've had some dilemmas of recent, whether i should go back and defend my title as the race is only 2 weeks before the 70.3 world champs.
I have had a soft spot for my first Ironman title and the Louisville course itself, so with much deliberation i've decided to return.
It's going to take a massive effort on my behalf to firstly defend my title successfully and secondly get fresh enough and ready to compete well in the 70.3 world champs.
I am about to embark on a journey now, to see how my body can respond to the challenge or not.
See you on the other side