What Happened....

'What Happened' is one of the most dreaded things i hate to answer when your race doesn't go to plan, or doesn't live up to other peoples expectations of yourself.
I think i am my most harshest critic, so when i am already down in the dumps for myself not living up to my ideal performance, explaining to everyone else just makes it that little more difficult.
Well i have been referring to most races in general, but for this instance i am talking about my resent performance at Ironman Louisville.
Well before the race i had a friend bike mechanic look over my bike for a quick check up, only to find a crack in my rear race wheel.
I was lucky enough to have a mate that runs a race day wheel hire company to lend me a disc wheel for the race.
When it came to 'race day' (the next day) I guess it was just bad luck during the race, as the wheel kept buckling against my bike frame, the problem was the gap was very narrow in the bike frame and then the added flex from a disc at high speeds making the buckle a constant. I had to stop a few times to try and correct the problem, but ultimately it felt like i was riding with my brakes on for the entire duration of the bike leg.
After the bike leg i was still in-contact with 1st place, and i tried to stay focused and hoped to pull together a strong run, after about 6 miles i started to feel sick and started to fade fast.
I tried to stay positive and ran too the 14 mile mark, but i found that it was just not my day and with Vegas worlds only 2 weeks away I had to make the decision to pull out and save my legs and recover in time for the World champs.
It's been a busy year and an even busier race season, i plan to have fun in Vegas but still take it seriously.
See ya then