A new year and a new era for myself.
I have made some positive changes for this year and really happy with what's to come.
Firstly i have taken on board a new website with my friend @ D2 designs and working with him to get a more upto date and interactive website for my journy ahead.
Secendly i have joined the eliete triathlon team of Abu Dhabi, i am excited to work with these new faces and great athletes. Typically i have done allot of stuff on my own, and in order to grow i believe you have to experience as much as possible with as many different learning curves. So i see this a a great learning curve to become a better athlete and hopefully get some great mates along the way.
I have done allot of early traveling this year, with a trip to South America, a winter holiday in Colorado and a summer in Sydney.
I can't wait to share more of my journey as i head to Abu Dhabi for my team training camp, with much more exciting places and experiences ahead.
Safe travels