After Oceanside I competed in the US 70.3 champs in Galveston Texas.

Was a stella field, but unfortunately I dealt yet another race with a flat tire. This time too early in the bike leg and with competition that hot, it was pointless bringing a spare.

I finally arrived in Boulder Colorado, where I will be based throughout the US summer, I had arrived here earlier than normal, as I thought it would be the ideal place to do my final preparations for Ironman Utah.

It has a similar climate and terrain, and it also made sense to be grounded for a while establishing a home away from home.

The weather has been cold and windy, opposite to that I’m normally accustomed to, as where i come from a temperate climate back in Sydney, it has been challenging for myself to acclimate.

My preparation has been good for the most part, I have had to be very careful where I had to try and put some miles in for the ironman, but at the same time not over do it and set myself back with fatigue or sickness.

I’m looking forward to getting to St George Utah, I picked this event as I herd it was a very beautiful place and a Very challenging course, 2 things I look for in a race.

See you at the other end