Success at UK 70.3

I'm now back in Boulder at last, it has been a stressful couple of weeks now with traveling to Mexico, then straight to the UK and nursing my injury through two Ironman 70.3 races. I have missed some flights and have experience delays for up to 24hrs in total, This has really tested my patience.

After these problems, it still seems worth it!! I had an ordeal with my running (as i haven't done any for the last few weeks). I was still able to perform with a 4th place in Baja 70.3 (later DQ through a mistake from the officials) with a cracking 2nd off the bike against the sports top riders. 3rd at UK 70.3 in possibly the hardest Half Ironman I've ever done. This included 1st off the bike as I struggled to finish on the run.

The support from my friends & family back home has been fantastic and without their support during the last couple of months, I would have found this journey even harder than it already has been. I'm going to have a couple weeks of easy training. I'm going to reassess my racing schedule and try to recuperate from this injury. I'm looking forward to running freely again.

I am loving racing the world best athletes in this great sport. I can't wait to compete again with no physical obstacles. I believe that my training has been building well and I'm hoping to get a couple more podiums this year before I return back to Sydney and chill out. The weather has started to heat up, so I'm itching to get back to business....

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