Australia, summer & Ironman

At the airport, about to embark on my US summer and race season ahead.
Before i do so, i thought i would update what's been happening in my Australian summer and recap on a epic day at Ironman Australia.
Since January my new years resolution was to take my next Ironman distance seriously, i've been a bit obnoxious with my last Ironman distance events, taking for granter the distance and preparations needed to perform well at the event.
I decided early that Ironman Australia would be the next Ironman that i would do, for 2 reasons. One it's been one of the most iconic races growing up in Australia for the past 20years and i could experience the race & prep with some of my closest friends and training partners.
Leading into the race, Sydney has been throwing a usually wet summer at us, but instead of doing what i usually do (complain and whinge) i just felt i inner calm, knowing what i got to do.
And i did it, from start to finish as i planned i went for it, i think watching the Australian swim trails i tried to channel "James Magnussen" (100m world record holder) and funny enough Port Macquarie local.
I got a nice lead and continued to push on the bike, but i felt really relaxed at the same time, was a great experience soaking in the crowed and seeing my mates cheering and racing at the same time.
Lastly the run was feeling good for the most part, till i managed to get the worse blisters i've ever felt about half way through the run. I was in so much pain as every foot stroke was landing right on the sweet spot of the blisters. And cheesy enough i had that old fashion saying in my mind "pain is temporary, regret is forever", that in the back of my head, i ignored the pain and enjoyed such a satisfying win.