Challenge - Spain Barcelona

The Challenge series is a new series which has a combination of Ironman distances such as the famous race in Roth and now with a selection of half ironman distance racers which are starting to spread across the world.
Myself, i am a stronge supporter of other race organisers having a go to open a wide market and selection for triathletes who wish to race other events outside the stonghold which WTC Ironman has other the triathlon market.
Saying that i still love to race WTC Ironman event's, i just like that their are other events such as the Challenge series 'having a go', which i believe is good for the sport of triathlon to get more of a global presence and more opportunities for triathletes within the sport.
Challenge Spain - this was the first year for the event, so saying that everthing didn't go perfectly. But all in all a nice race and venue for hopefully many years to come.
The race for myself was a very tuff race, as in europe i find that the depth of the fields are always very stronge, and Challenge Spain did not disapoint in that regards.
The swim was in the ocean, with abit of choppy sea's making it hard to navigate during the race.
The bike was fast but very undulating, with rolling hills, and a field of stronge euro biker's who new how to stroke a peddle.
The run was hot but very nice along the coast on some softer service area's such as hard sand or dirt which i prefer over the pounding of pavement all the time.
The Finish was up a hill which felt longer than it was, but with a big croud finishing in a athletics track, which helped abit with the pain.
The after party, a perfect venue for party life, every night where the race was held was a party night, so it was very hard to sleep before the race, but after lots of fun.