Well after 25hrs of travel time and a serious dose a jet lag i'm finally in Germany.
Usually this time the previous years i'm in the States doing the usually 70.3 race season and getting settled in Colorado and getting used to the altitude.
Well this year i wanted a change, both a training change and a race season change. I believe the only way to get better is to keep 'mixing it up', keep your mind and body guessing and theirs nothing more different than coming from the states and staying out on the green farmlands of Germany.
It is a very different way of living a training here, the sessons start later, the food is fresh straight from the fields and the breads are too die for.
Myself not really knowing a word of German and not able to cruze down town to 'hang out' at a local star bucks, theirs really only one thing to do, and that is TO TRAIN.
With the fresh air and the quite roads it's no wonder why German triathletes are typically good bike riders, i hope to learn a thing or two ove here, whilst taking on some of the best athlete in the world in this very competitive boarded countries which is Europe.