Ironman Austria

Ok my training for Ironman Austria was going ok, but just 'ok' not great or bad i was happy that i was fit and had a good pre season base under my belt.
After Challenge Kraichgau, i teamed up with Chris McComarck and we did some last minute 'cram' training weeks together as we were both worried that we had not trained enough miles as we had such a full race schedule.
This may have not been the best idea, as in one of the 'cram' training runs i pulled up with a swallon shin.
This problem did affect my training abit as i has to do a forced earlier taper for my running.
Klagenfurt- i decided to drive from my homestay in Limburg to Ironman Austria, which was a pretty drive, but a long boring drive when you do this solo.
Come race day i was really excited to race, as the stories of Klagenfurt being one of the most beautiful Ironman in the world held up to my expectations.
(I thought if i am going to suffer in a race that goes for over 8hrs, i want to at least enjoy the scenery.)
I was lucky enough to come first out of the water during the race.... as the bike leg went on, i was too scared to take any chances on the bike, as i am new to this type of racing so i sat with the first group all of the bike leg, doing turns but did not want to ride solo as i wasn't sure how to pace myself.
Though i now regret not 'having a go' on the bike as i still fell apart on the marathon at around 15km. I was able to run the whole way which i was happy with, but i think my lack of long runs in training realy showed during the marathon.
This is all a learning curve for myself, as i can take alot of knowledge from this.
I was still happy i could place a strong time and place, with my total lack of experience over this distance.
Slowing putting the pieces togther for the enduring event which is an Ironman.

Sore any ready for some RnR