Road trip 09

Ok well after Iron Austria it was time for some serious Rest and recovery.
Which for me usually means 'party time', as i have a habit of not being able to sit still and just relax and enjoy my free time.
So i decided to go visit my old home town of Roth, which also had the big Ironman triathlon on too that weekend, so it was great timing to pack up my things to start the begining on which became a 3 week road trip.
Down in Roth during the week, i bunked up with the crew from majic foods, which i shared a carivan with them for the 4 days during the festival.
To say the least their was not much time for RnR as i got court up with the awsome vibe of the Quelle triathlon vestival, (which meant way too many late night with no sleep). It was refreshing to be on the opposite side of the race course.
I had alot of fun catching up with the guys and girls racing the Ironman and hanging out with the staff behind the scenes of the race.
It was quite an inspirational day for myself, which i have sometime doubts of why i am in this sport, to watch these guys/girls have an epic day of racing.

more to come