Ok well in in L.A now. going to crack out a few solid racers whilst i'm over here.
I realise theirs been a neglect of blogging on my behalf, and frankly theirs too much too tell and not much time to write about it, so i'll just skip to the present.
I just raced Malibu olympic tri where i had a solid performance against these short course fast guys which i was pleased with.
Then i continued the following week with Cancun 70.3, which had to be one of my hardest days i've ever raced in. It was ridiculous how hot it was race day in Cancun, it was roughly like 40 degrees Celsius and 100% humidity to give you any type of indicator.
Previous to these racers i was able to train back in Sydney for a few weeks in between my European season and now my present U.S one.
It was great to get home earlier this year, as i normally wait out going home and training abroad through the summer U.S/ Europe seasons are concluded.
This is the place i can get re-focused and always good to catch up with family and friends which its hard to stay in contact with, during the vigorous travels as a pro triathlete.
I'll try and keep you posted as best i can.
cheers Paul