Back in Oz

Ok. I'm Back in Oz again.
I've come back from the states after racing 3 weekends in a row. In and out this time, no time for hanging out this time around.
I've come back to race the ITU Long course worlds, which will be in Perth Australia this year. A great chance to spend more time with friends and family and racing on home soil. (Even though i will be racing for Great Britain).
I'm excited to see how things go, this race alternates its distances every 2nd year, last year was the long version 4km/130km/ 30km but this year will be shorter but faster 3km /80km /20km., which i believe will be more similar to racing a short course race, (all out).
Being back these past few days in Sydney has not been quite what I've expected, after the scorching hot days in L.A the past month, I've come back to quite a cold week of weather back in Sydney. And me being me, their was no time to muck around, i got back in training after a 14hr flight and jet lag, with the whole cocktail of issues rushing back into training, I've stupidly court the flu, which i hope to get over real soon.
Drinking tea and resting