Worlds/ Arizona / Done!

Very, very lazy with blogging and post's but in my defence i've had a full on travel schedule the past months.
Now i have no excuses i'm finished for 2009 !. What a welcome relief for 2009.
If you don't no already, i just capped off season 09 with a 5th place in the ITU long course World Champs and another 5th place in IM Arizona.
I would like to write more on the subject for Ironman Arizona.
As if you don't no already i have some deep mental scares on that race, it was my 1st debut ironman the previous year in 2008, i finished but had a terrible day as most of you fellow ironman athletes may also have been through the same pain of completely "bonking".
This year i had my own personal demons to overcome, in so many ways i had unfinished business with this race particular, i had to battle my own mental obstacles over this alluring event if i want to ever be successful over the Ironman distance.
I did so! finally, placing myself nicely with the leaders in the swim, being extra careful on the bike, and running a sub 3hr marathon, (a perfect day to put those IM demons to rest).
Now i know i keep saying i will regularly update my blog, but this time i will! 2010 is going to be a big year, new ideas/ new racers and i have a new laptop to keep ya posted.
Time for RnR.
Signing off for 2009 and looking forward to what's to come in 2010
Best wishes Ambrose